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Q. Does Saturday night church count?

Got a question? Email me. I don’t have all the answers; God does. (If you want someone who thinks they’re infallible, I can point you to those blogs.) So as usual, all errors are mine.

Question. My church has a Saturday night service, and I started going to that instead of Sunday mornings. My sister says Saturday nights don’t count; we’re supposed to go to church on Sundays. I told her God doesn’t care when we go to church, so long that we do. Which of us is right? —R. Johnson.


Reply. Well, this’ll annoy you: She is.

See, she’s hung up about which day of the week we go to church on. She shouldn’t be, but she is. Which automatically drops her into the category of “weaker sister”—and we Christians are instructed to not make our weaker Christian sisters and brothers stumble.

You can’t just dismiss her hangup as ignorance. Believe you me, I wish we could do that. There are so many ignorant things people believe, with no scriptural basis to them, and it’d be so much easier if we could just blow them off, and do as we’re gonna do. That’s what most of us Americans tend to do: Follow the dictates of our own conscience, and if anyone has a problem with it, that’s their problem. We, meanwhile, have freedom in Christ.

Problem is, that’s not being a Christian. That’s being a jerk. It shows no love, nor patience, nor kindness. We Christians have to produce fruit, and offending them for the sake of our own freedom isn’t gonna do that.

Your sister thinks your worship doesn’t count. You’ve gotta show her she’s wrong about that. Kindly, patiently, lovingly. Till you do, she’s in the right, and you’re in the wrong.