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04 October 2015

Christ Almighty!

I’m not blogging here anymore; everything new is now on The Christ Almighty Blog. Click here to go there. Or wait just a moment, ’cause some browsers will permit me to forward you there.

04 September 2015


More Christ has been online nearly five years. And as that five-year mark approached, I’ve been thinking about how the blog’s been doing. What works, what doesn’t. That sort of thing. I concluded it’s time to shake things up. Myself included. New challenge!

So beginning Sunday, I’m blogging at Christ Almighty! (Exclamation point part of the title.) It’s a new site. Same writer: Me. And of course I’m bringing my worldview with me, and my emphasis on knowing and following Jesus. All you really have to do is point your browser to a different website.

Yep, More Christ is passing away. As will everything in this world.

01 September 2015

Need a break from church?

I combined this article with a bunch of others and ported ’em all to Christ Almighty! Check it out there.

31 August 2015

“Can I pray for you?”

When you don’t know what to do, talk to God. Hopefully not after you’ve exhausted all options: You’ve spoken to him before you tried something fruitless. But yeah, if you don’t know what else to do, talk to God.

Now, not only is this always good advice to follow, but it’s good advice when dealing with other people. When we talk to others, and they share their difficulties with us, sometimes we don’t know how to respond. We feel we ought to say something comforting to them, or give some helpful advice. (We don’t always recognize when they don’t want advice, and aren’t asking for any: They’re just unburdening themselves.) When you don’t know what to say, your best response is, “Can I pray for you?”

28 August 2015

“Taking the Lord’s name in vain.”

I updated this article and ported it to Christ Almighty! Visit it there.

27 August 2015

“The silent years.”

I heavily revised this article and ported it to Christ Almighty! Visit it there.

26 August 2015