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1 Thessalonians 3.6-10:
The Thessalonians held firm. Rejoice!

Now Timothy, who returned to us from you, proclaimed the good news of your faith and love to us: You always remember our good works, and yearn to see us, just as we you. We’re comforted by this, Christians—by you, because of your faith, despite our every restraint and tribulation. Because now, when you stand firm in the Lord, we can live. What thanksgiving can we give God for you for all this joy? We rejoiced to our God because of you, night and day, way beyond prayer requests, to see your faces, to fix what’s lacking in your faith.

—Paul, Silas, and Timothy,

The biggest worry for an apostle is their work might be for nothing. Whether they’re working in their homeland or in a foreign mission, whether they’re starting a church or starting a food bank, there’s always the worry their hard work and effort will just be wasted time—that once the apostle steps away, no one will pick up the ball, and the ministry will collapse.