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Bible difficulties.

Whenever Christians refer to bible difficulties, you’d think we meant scriptures which are hard to translate, hard to interpret, hard to understand, or hard to follow. And sometimes we do. Certainly I do.

But whenever you come across a big thick book about bible difficulties, or whenever a Fundamentalist speaks on the subject, nine times out of ten what they mean are bible discrepancies. Two passages appear to contradict one another.

Nearly every Fundamentalist teaches the bible has no contradictions. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: “Wait, have these guys never read the bible? Of course it has contradictions. Remember God is One, yet God is Three? Or the Kingdom is here, but not here? If the bible didn’t have contradictions, it’d teach heresy. Come on.”

But see, one of the Fundamentalists’ fundamentals is the bible has no errors. And a contradiction would be an error. Therefore no contradictions.

So what they do with their big books of bible difficulties, is explain away the discrepancies as best they can.